Stylish, witty and intelligent, I WILL NOT MAKE ANY MORE BORING ART is an iconoclastic look at the heady years at NSCAD, one of the world’s most innovative and successful schools of conceptual art. Terry Greenlaw’s first outing as producer had our crew travel to New York City, Kassel (for Documenta) and Munster in Germany, Toronto and Nova Scotia. Along with the quietly brilliant Gary Neil Kennedy, the film features international ‘art stars’, Michael Snow, Martha Wilson, Joseph Beuys, Les Levine, June Leaf, Eric Fischl, Robert Frank and Krysztof Wodiczko – among many others.

There is some really bizarre stuff in here…. If experimental art is your thing, then this documentary is definitely right up your alley! Meddlecore IMDB

(the film) sneaks up on you something fierce, coming at its theme from all sides as it ranges from superstars like Joseph Beuys and Robert Frank to more obscure (to me) fellow-travelers like Martha Wilson and June Leaf and Dara Birnbaum. The overall impression one gets as things progress is of an uncommonly free-spirited institution – with gratifying and uncommon opportunities for overlap of theoretical and practical content – which is, nonetheless, isolated from its Haligonian social context. (“How did local audiences react to this?” “Well, I only showed it to a couple people – but it was quite successful in New York!”) Jonathan Culp in Cinertia.

Feature Documentary – 80 mins. 1988. Toronto International Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival, Nominated best Documentary, Chicago International Film Festival,