A Brief Profile

PICTURE PLANT is a small but dynamic production house that was incorporated in Halifax, Canada in 1981. With a history of award-winning dramatic features, long-form documentaries and nationally broadcast television shows, it is one of the most experienced production companies in Atlantic Canada.  PICTURE PLANT principals are writer/director, William D. MacGillivray and creative producer, Terry Greenlaw.  In the last couple of years the company has produced two feature films; UNDER THE WEATHER, produced by Terry Greenlaw and Christopher Richardson of Cranky Goat Entertainment, written and directed by William D. MacGillivray and DAWN, HER DAD & THE TRACTOR, produced by Terry Greenlaw and written and directed by Shelly Thompson.  Terry is currently producing the recently green lit feature, BYSTANDERS, written by Koumbie and Taylor Olsen and to be directed by Koumbie. PICTURE PLANT has several projects in active development including a UK co-production, A KILLING IN THE WOODS, in partnership with WELLINGTON FILMS.