PICTURE PLANT has several projects in various stages of development, including:


MONICA’S NEWS HAS BEEN GREENLIT!! GOES INTO PRODUCTION THIS SUMMER – – In 1974, in a small repressive village, an intrepid nine-year old girl wages battle for her own equal rights, but sees her idealism crushed when her beloved feminist cousin is murdered. MONICA’S NEWS has been greenlit and is set for production in the summer of 2023, under the direction of PAMALA GALANT. (DRAMA)

THE LONG WAY – A single mother who dreams of reviving her songwriting career risks everything on an attractive younger man with a golden voice – and a crushing case of stage fright. THE LONG WAY tells the story of two lonely people who find the courage to rebuild their lives and fall in love all over again – with each other and with their music. (ROMANTIC COMEDY)

THE APARTMENT – A haunted apartment lures women inside, feeding off their guilt and shame. The latest victim must break the curse before the apartment claims another tenant, trapping them all in a cycle of torment for eternity. (HORROR)

A KILLING IN THE WOODS – During a family getaway to their idyllic country hideaway, a twelve year old boy witnesses his uncle kill his aunt and becomes trapped in a web of secrecy and terror. While he struggles to escape, his uncle, consumed by guilt, slowly descends into darkness.  Set for production. mid-summer 2023, with UK partners WELLINGTON FILMS. (THRILLER)

SO LONG, BOB (A CAUTIONARY TALE) –   At the end of his life, a once proud and prosperous 89 year-old, orthopedic surgeon finds himself alone, humbled and desperately needing the help of others. Editing stage, completion in the spring of 2023. (DOCUMENTARY)

GEORGE AND RUE – from the heartbreaking Canadian novel of the same name by, George Elliott Clarke.   When a young Black man with a loving wife and family reluctantly opens his door to his estranged brother, he finds himself swept up in a tragic fever dream of murder, betrayal and merciless justice. Based on a true story.  To be produced in the winter of 2023. (DRAMA)

A LOVE STILL BORNE – Pregnant at 16. Feisty, angry, heartbroken, abandoned and finding cold comfort in hillbilly heroin, no one expects Peg McIssac to survive. Just watch her!! A tragi-comedic love story set in small town Canada.  3rd draft script stage. (DRAMA)


ANNIE WELLES –  One hour dramatic series, adapted from the novel, LUNENBURG. (LIMITED SERIES)

IN THE SHADOW OF PLENTY – One hour dramatic series adapted from the remarkable Canadian memoir, DOWN TO THIS by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall. (LIMITED SERIES)