PICTURE PLANT has several projects in various stages of development, including:


A KILLING IN THE WOODS – Twelve year old Chris is treated to a family vacation at a cabin in the woods where he accidentally witnesses his uncle perpetrate a brutal murder. Terrified and alone with his secret, he faces the inevitable unfolding of events to come.  Set for production. mid-summer 2022, with UK partners WELLINGTON FILMS

SO LONG, BOB (A CAUTIONARY TALE)  A doctor who spent his entire professional life helping others, ends his life desperately needing help. Completion in the fall of 2022 (an experimental documentary)

EXECUTION BLUES – from the novel, George and Rue by George Elliott Clarke.   In 1948,  brothers George and Rufus Hamilton, in a robbery gone horribly wrong, accidentally kill a taxi driver.  Based on a true story.  To be produced in the winter of 2022.

FLOWERS OF THE FOREST – Experience the tangled lives of Peggy and Dave.  A tragi-comedic love story set in post-industrial Cape Breton.  3rd draft script stage.

清洁 (HAPPY CLEAN)  – A transcultural, transgenerational, transcontinental Romantic Comedy that sends a street-wise petty thief from Newfoundland all the way to China. And all the way back again. And all for love.


ANNIE WELLES –  One hour dramatic series, set in Nova Scotia

BLACK SHEEP – Half hour satirical comedy, set in Nova Scotia

CROW BAIT – One hour dramatic series based on the memoir DOWN TO THIS by Shaughnessy Bishop Stall.