THE VACANT LOT, a story about music and love revolves around seventeen-year-old Trudi, youngest member of The Vacant Lot, an all-female rock band led by the domineering Patti Precious. Emotionally disconnected from her family, friends and school, and obsessed by the memory of the father who abandoned her, Trudi meets David, a forty-two-year-old rock guitarist whose career is on the downslide. After initial opposition from Patti, David joins the band.

An auspicious start is followed by disaster when the band’s equipment is stolen, and when Trudi’s father turns up and proves to be a drug-sodden con man, all her dreams seem shattered. In despair, she turns to David. Together they discover that compassion is the most important gift of all.

Feature Film – 100min. 1989. Toronto International Film Festival, Atlantic Film Festival – Broadcast on CBC .