Immediately addressing the question, “What is this film about, Ron?”, legendary Canadian singer/songwriter Ron Hynes takes possession of the camera and embarks on a darkly humorous, profound and engaging journey of self exploration.

Brandishing words and music like weapons, Ron directly confronts his thirty-five years on the road, his failed relationships, battles with his Alter Ego (ominously called, ‘The Man’), his near death from drug overdose and finally, his stirring and triumphant recovery through song. Ron also explores the sources of his music and, living the legend, he brilliantly performs many of his most beloved songs in powerful performances recorded live especially for this film.

Ron’s intense and articulate young nephew, novelist Joel Thomas Hynes, also appears, chain-smoking his way through the film, providing wry and insightful comments on his brilliant Uncle’s turbulent life and their complex relationship.

Exploring the bitter irony of being an immensely talented but little known ‘Legend’, this stylish and innovative documentary presents a startling, tender and emotionally satisfying journey through the mind and music of one of Canada’s most influential songwriters, Ron Hynes, a.k.a. ‘The Man of a Thousand Songs’.

A movie that’s awfully hard to shake off when the house lights come up.Now Magazine

“In his dazzling complexity, Ron doesn’t make it easy for either his companions or the viewer to love him. Like a driven person, he revolves around his ego and thus offends other people. With his songs, however, he touches deeply. The faces of the spectators on whom the camera rests during his performances speak volumes”. [Kirsten Kieninger] (translation from German review)

Feature Documentary – 93 min. 2010. World Premiere at the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival, where it received a standing ovation. Atlantic Film Festival 2010 – Audience Award, Best Director, Best Documentary. Munich international Film Festival 2011.