The concept for STUDIO BLACK! was born when PICTURE PLANT producers, Terry Greenlaw and William D. MacGillivray were made aware of old stories collected from rural and urban Black Communities in 1920’s Nova Scotia. In a media world where we so often see the same Black stories repeated time and again, STUDIO BLACK! seeks to offer something different. Our humorous and loving stories, our attractive and energetic cast offer up a positive, enriching experience, not just for the Black Communities of Canada, but for every Canadian who is interested in seeing beyond stereotypes and is open to experience the wonderful and enriching diversity that is Canada.

Take four stories from Black Nova Scotia. Add a seven member, all Black ensemble cast, of which each cast member can play several roles – sometimes in the same episode. Add three Black Nova Scotian directors. Mix it all up in the Black Box of CBC’s Studio 1. What do you get? STUDIO BLACK!

A total of eight episodes were produced over two seasons.

Eight part dramatic television series.  2015/16. Broadcaster, CBC.