“Point to point. Station to station. Making connections: person to person.”

Tom Murphy is a high-profile television journalist whose career suddenly fumbles when a film documentary he does on the question of failure leads to the suicide of an old friend.

After an imposed vacation, he’s sent on a more innocuous mission, interviewing the “average” Canadian at train stops across the country. But as the trip progresses from west to east across the Canadian countryside, Tom’s past and future flash before him. By the time he reaches Newfoundland, he has reached the end of an epoch in his life, and the beginning of a new one…

Produced in 1981, Stations is acclaimed Canadian filmmaker William D. MacGillivray’s first feature film.

Featured in Canadian Film Centre’s Ten Best Canadian Debut Features since 1968 and TAKE ONE’s 20 Best Canadian Films Of All Time.

“Consistently intelligent, inquisitive of its own powers of representation, Stations is a masterpiece of Canadian Cinema.” Tom McSorley – Take One 2003

Feature Film – 88min. 1981. Audience Award Atlantic Film Festival, Toronto International Film Festival, Melbourne International Film Festival.