Picture Plant currently has several projects in various stages of development, including:

Feature Films

A KILLING IN THE WOODS – Twelve year old Chris is treated to a family vacation at a cabin in the woods where he accidentally witnesses his uncle perpetrate a brutal murder. Terrified and alone with his secret, he faces the inevitable unfolding of events to come.


A LITTLE UNDER THE WEATHER – A Little Under the Weather follows the month-long roller-coaster ride of the highs and lows, the hope and dismay, the tears and laughter experienced by Jenny, her husband Bob and their seventeen year old daughter Sally, as they help Jenny’s brother, a brave, selfless and very funny ‘everyman’ along on his final journey.


BEAR – Set deep in the Canadian wilderness, Bear is the strange, gothic tale of a middle-aged woman’s sexual and emotional awakening through her relationship with a huge black bear. Based on the controversial Governor General Award winning novel by Canadian literary legend, Marian Engel.


THE DREAMS OF JINKIE DROVER – an original screenplay telling the story of two women in love, set in Newfoundland & Portugal.


FLOWERS OF THE FOREST – Experience the tangled lives of Peggy and Dave. A tragi-comedic love story set in post-industrial Cape Breton.


清洁 (HAPPY CLEAN) THE LAST CHINESE LAUNDRY – A transcultural, transgenerational, transcontinental Romantic Comedy that sends a street-wise petty thief from Newfoundland all the way to China. And all the way back again. And all for love.


JACK MEETS THE CAT – Yes, the road to ‘Happily Ever-After’ can get terrible twisted! One dark night, in a cliff-top house in a Newfoundland fishing village, the townspeople sit mesmerized as Uncle Val spins a wild-eyed yarn about Jack, a young man who goes out into the world to seek his fortune. Guilelessly overcoming one fantastic obstacle after another, Jack finally returns home triumphant from the far off kingdom of Muldonia with a bag of gold and the beautiful Princess Freckelonia who was, once upon a time, a cat. Written for the whole family by a team of Brilliant Newfoundlanders, Jack Meets the Cat is an internationally appealing romantic adventure that refuses to be stuck in a box.


WHAT YOU NEED – Against his better judgment, homebody handy-man ‘Buddy’ Whelper is swept into the vortex that is Dorene LaTisha Perney, who may or may not be Rene, who may or may not be a stripper, and who may or may not be a murderess, as he helps her to achieve her dream of becoming a back up singer to a famous country star. What You Need is a romantic comedy based on the Giller nominated novel of the same name.